The Mean Reds have been a part of the Michigan music scene for two years and they continue to see a steady growing fan base. They have performed at various venues throughout the Tri-County area as an opening act and as the main draw playing a variety of cover songs mixed with their originals. The band loves to perform and is always looking for a chance to play. The latest for The Mean Reds is the completion of their first recording “The Saturday Morning EP” featuring four originals and the EP is now available at their shows.

The band recently entered the world of radio when they were lucky enough to be featured in an interview and in-studio performance with John Bommarito and is currently in the rotation of several stations in the Detroit area, including Ann Arbor’s 107.1 F.M. and Plymouth/Canton’s 88.1 F.M. The band can also be found on Facebook and Myspace.

The Mean Reds are four talented musicians from the Detroit, Michigan area who have formed a band that mixes pop, rock, and folk to create their own unique sound. Each band member brings their own distinctly different musical background, strength and creativity to help create a sound that’s “absolutely modern, fresh and really good”, according to a popular Michigan radio disc jockey. The original members of The Mean Reds Kylee Phillips (Lead Singer and Keyboard) and Garret Schmittling (Lead Guitar) are not only songwriting partners but also cousins. Because of the close family connection the songwriting is almost second nature for the duo and Kylee says “It feels like we’ve come to a point where we know how the other works, so our song writing continues to grow stronger and improve”.

Completing the four member group are Jon Rounke (Drums) and Ronald Cox (Bass Guitar) who compliment the music styles and songwriting skills of Kylee and Garret while providing a solid foundation for the music. “It’s so much fun to have other musical minds to rely on like Jon and Ron’s as well as being able to play with such incredible musicians,”comments Kylee.


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